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Carpet Cleaning El Paso TX

For nearly 40 years, Chem-Dry has continually researched improvements and developed new solutions and processes to the carpet cleaning process in order to offer the best cleaning services available on the market today. Here at Copeland's Chem-Dry in El Paso, TX, we have utilized the industries best and our proprietary solution will be sure to exceed your expectations for both your home and budget.

Copeland's Method in El Paso, TX, is DRIER

We at Copeland's Chem-Dry in El Paso, TX, use a fraction of the water that most other steam cleaners use. We use Carbonation to clean rather than loads of soapy water. Did you know that the amount of water used by typical steam cleaners leaves your carpets exposed to potential mold? Our innovative technique with minimal levels of moisture allows for your carpets to dry quickly with most drying in just 1-2 hours.


The Method of Copeland's Chem-Dry in El Paso, TX, is CLEANER

Gallons of needless water actually drives the dirt and grime you're trying to get rid of further into the carpet and pad. Using Hot Carbonated Extraction, the hot solution splits up soils and stains and lifts them to the top of the carpet via bubbles where removal via powerful suction can occur. Moreover, your fresh looking carpet will fight future stains and grime which means you will save money in the long run with fewer cleanings. We at Copeland's Chem-Dry in El Paso, TX, assure you will feel the clean.


The Copeland's Method in El Paso, TX, is HEALTHIER

We seek long term environmental stability, and are committed to do our part. Our solutions are certified Green. Our promise goes one step further and extends our gentle benefits to your family as well as the environment. Copeland's Chem-Dry in El Paso, TX, uses the proprietary solution, The Natural®, is non-toxic and ideal for homes with kids, those with allergies, and pets. Every ingredient used in The Natural is on FDA's G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized as Safe) list. Simply put: Our innovative solution is not only effective, it's environmentally friendly! The ingredients themselves were inspired by Mother Nature. The best part is that absolutely no sticky or dirt-attracting residue is left behind.

Trust Copeland's Chem-Dry in El Paso, TX, when it comes to your carpet cleaning needs! A cleaner, healthier home is just a click or call away - get a free estimate today!

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